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About us

The moment you enter Doti manufacture the smell of chocolates reaches your nose captivating all visitors.

Exactly here, in a small Manufacture in Smolec, for 25 years we’ve been combining various flavors guaranteeing our customers wonderful moments with our chocolates. In spite of the routine, we still appreciate and enjoy every spark in the eye of each client, who tries our treats for the first time.

Our goal is to achieve among our clients the feeling of desire to share our products with the closest ones.

Dorota Mroczkowska
Doti founder

In our tiny manufacture we have handmade production of mouthwatering fruit and nuts covered with chocolate, created from the highest quality raw materials.

Ceaselessly, we improve the taste and quality of our products, caring about beautiful packaging and the manner of presentation. Thanks to that our chocolates are perfect gift idea for a relative as well as for valuable contractor. 

Doti – a moment of pleasure in rushed world.
What do we do?

Fruit and nuts in chocolate is our domain. In our offer we contain probably the widest choice of fruit in chocolate in the world!

The complement is impressive selection of nuts and almonds in delicious milk, white and dessert chocolate.

In elegant packaging and in bulk we offer:

  • over 50 original flavors of Chocolates with fruit and nuts
  • certified organic chocolates
  • gluten free sweets
  • business gifts
Who is it for?

Chocolates from Doti Manufacture are natural snacks for everyone who seeks unique flavors and uncompromising quality.

It is a perfect choice for people who:

  • Appreciate the pleasure of taste,
  • Love to share the joy with the dear ones and bestow them with presents,
  • Don’t like the routine and look for new sensations
  • Want to surprise their contractors with extraordinary handmade gift,
  • Are the fans of slow food and traditional methods of production
Where are we?

You can’t find Doti products in a corner shop.

Our offer is directed mainly to specialty markets – such as sweet stores, bakeries, gourmet shops, coffee shops, tea and wine shops.

You can also find us in chosen market halls and healthy food shops.

Doti chocolates are currently sold in more than 20 countries inter alia in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA and even in exotic Bermudas.

Doti Manufacture is a family company founded by Dorota and Mariusz Mroczkowscy. The family tradition is upheld by their daughters, Magdalena and Weronika, who work on market and product development. The secret of company’s success is perennial experience of our employees and the persistence in seeking for perfect combination of flavors.

Despite the routine lasting 25 years we still graze, with great pleasure, our chocolates on daily basis. It gives us joy and inspiration for further work.

If you want to know more about our production Visit our blog
Our Brands
The oldest and the most widespread brand of Doti Manufacturer. The graphic sign, refreshed in 2013, brands the products offered in bulk, gift bags with round labels, elegant sachets, occasional products and the whole Doti Manufacturer.
Doti natural
Line of certified organic & gluten free chocolates. Those products are offered in organic sachets.
Doti coffee
Special line of products – coffee in chocolate. Little and stylish sachet is a perfect product for coffee lovers.
Handcrafted production

Our fruit and nuts are coated in chocolate with the use of traditional dragée drums. It is a method which requires big involvement of manual work, professional experience and exceptional skills to be sure that the finished product will have perfect shape and shine.

We produce in small batches and each of them is precisely checked in terms of quality, aesthetics and taste.

Tiny production badges allow us to offer our clients customized products meeting their requirements.

In production of our sweets we most often use candied or dried fruit.
Candied fruit
Candied fruit

Candied fruit are especially prepared for us during a traditional candying process in which they are preserved in natural sugar syrup for more than 48 hours. Candied fruit such as cherries, strawberries, apples, gooseberries or black currants come usually from our geographical region.

Dried fruit
Dried fruit

Dried fruit are traditional snack, often combined with chocolate. Our dried fruit come from Southern countries where the tradition of drying fruit is very rich e.g. dates, figs, raisins, mango. Recently also dried cranberries have gained popularity.

Nuts and Almonds
Nuts and Almonds

Nuts and almonds before coating are roasted in our factory to obtain crunchiness so pleasant while eating. Whilst fruit go best together with dark chocolate, we offer nuts and almonds in milk, white or dessert chocolate often with special extras such as chili or cinnamon.


The chocolate we use comes from prestigious, Belgian producer Barry Callebaut. Thanks to firm cooperation with such a reputed partner we can offer superior chocolate with excellent parameters. Dependently on product, in covering we use: dessert chocolate containing 43% of cocoa (most fruit and nuts); milk chocolate – 32% (nuts and almonds); white chocolate with vanilla (almonds and nuts) and dark, organic chocolate.

The allegiance to tradition and artisanal character of our products doesn’t keep us from modern solutions on production line. We introduced by ourselves some of innovative equipment, used e.g. for packing our unique gift bags. We also use progressive methods and tools such as multihead weigher or metal detector which partly automate the production, ensuring additional security and facilitating cooperation with bigger customers.

Obvious consequence of our strategy is exceptional attention to quality and safety of our production. We obtain raw materials from reliable and proven suppliers, thoroughly controlling their quality.

In 2013 we had BRC quality standard implemented, joining elements included in ISO 9000, HACCP, GMP and GHP. The result of certification was satisfying as we got note ‘A’ confirming high standards of  food safety among all areas of our activity.

We are also certified in producing organic sweets and gluten free products.

If you want to know more about our production Visit our blog
Points of Sale

You will find Doti chocolates in domestic specialty stores as well as abroad – basically, in every place where original taste and quality of products is highly appreciated.

You can ask about our products inter alia in:

  • candy shops, chocolate boutiques, confectioneries
  • delicatessen and chosen groceries
  • coffee and tea stores
  • teahouses, cafes and wineries
  • premium supermarkets
  • organic and ecological food stores
  • gift and souvenir shops
  • airport shops
  • chosen petrol stations
  • hospital–by shops
  • web shops
Traditional Sweet Shop
Traditional Sweet Shop
Specialty Food Store
Specialty Food Store
Food Premium Gate – Delicatessen Store on Warsaw Airport Okęcie
Supermarket Premium
Supermarket Premium
Julius Meinl - well known Premium Supermarket in the heart of Vienna, Austria
Cafè Maraska in Gdańsk promenade

If you would like to introduce our chocolates to your offer or know a place where they should be sold - contact us!

More about our partners and sales points on our blog.

Leading Polish Food Exporter 2018
Superior Taste Award**
We were granted three times with Superior Taste Awards by International Institute of Taste and Quality in Brussels (ITQI): in 2013, 2009 and 2008.
Merit  ‘Food and beverages for gastronomy’
Merit for almonds in chocolates with cardamom for the best product falling into the category of ‘Food and beverages for gastronomy’ during XVII International Gastronomy Trade Fair ‘Eurogastro 2013’ held in Warsaw.
Nagroda Great Taste
Great Taste Award for the wonderful taste of our rhubarb in chocolate, granted in 2008 by British association - Guild of Fine Food.
BRC Certificate
The BRC quality certificate with the highest ‘A’ note confirms proper functioning of high standards of food safety among all areas of company activity. British Retail Consortium standard joins elements incorporated in ISO 9000, HACCP, GMP and GHP.
Organic Farming Certificate
Organic Farming Certificate confirms that ingredients used in production of organic products were produced in ecological way according to Board Decree WE 834/2007. Certifying authority is PNG.
Gluten–free Certificate
Gluten–free Certificate – certified sweets for people keeping gluten-free diet and suffering from gluten-dependent enteropathy, signed with crossed spike, don’t contain gluten.
Earnest Company
Doti Manufacturer is participant of the ‘Earnest Company’ programme under which we got obliged to promote socially responsible business and to obey ethical norms of ‘earnest company’ which incorporate especially law and order, reliability, clarity and responsibility in running business.
Ecological Poland
Since 2015 Doti has been a member of Polish Ecology association, which gathers producers who fabricate ecological goods. The association’s goal is to unite producers, who function on ecological market and aim for promotion of production and ecological awareness.
The Initiative of Family Companies
Doti is a member of association named ‘The Initiative of Family Companies’ whose goal is to build up the support environment for Polish family companies. The initiative backs building the community of entrepreneurs and the activity on behalf of common good including the increase of interest in family entrepreneurship.