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Personalised Business Gifts

Doti chocolates have the power to indulge important relationships that accompany them!

We offer our delicious chocolates as corporate gifts with your logo. We invite advertising agencies, marketing consultants and companies to explore our flavoursome range of chocolate covered fruit and nuts.

Offer for business customers - personalized corporate chocolates with logo:

  • Chocolate fruits and nuts in Doti branded packaging with client's logo.
  • Chocolates in neutral packaging, labelled with the customer's logo

A wide range of flavours and packaging options allows you to tailor the offer to your needs.

Examples of packaging options include:

  • Foil-sealed bags 50g and 100g that can be inserted into the customer's pre-made packages.
  • Transparent sachets with a base, with a square hanging tag with a customer’s logo
  • Neutral sachet for 3 flavours with content of 150g, provided with a customer logo.

The possibility to order Doti chocolate fruits and nuts with your company logo depends on the quantity/volume and the type of packaging.

More information about our standard offer for corporate gifts can be found here. 

Please contact our sales department for more information.

Magdalena Karbowska - Director of Sales and Marketing - Export
Director of Sales and Marketing - Export
Magdalena Karbowska