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Chocolate Portions

Chocolate Portions

Dear chocolate sensation conquerors! From time to time, certainly all of you have been troubled by this chocolate dilemma - should I let myself be tempted by the whole chocolate bar, or maybe just take one square? What should I do to indulge the taste but still feel good - and, in any case, avoid having to burn off the sweet but empty calories later! How much chocolate should we have to satisfy the desires our mouths crave, while enriching our body?

Scientists argue that the optimal healthy dose is about 30 grams of chocolate per day. This amount may vary depending on the type of chocolate, the amount of cocoa mass (the more cocoa, the better!), and also the fat and sugar content. It is definitely better to focus on quality and limit the amount consumed. A small portion can do a lot! Eating chocolate gives us great pleasure, and at the same time it reduces stress, promotes positive emotions, suppresses appetite and speeds up metabolism.

Chocolate in itself already has a lot of health benefits, but it can be even better for you if it is enriched with dried fruits and nuts. Such combinations can work really well as desserts, or even as a snack, and can do wonders after intense physical exercise, pumping us up with energy and life-giving endorphins.

We are delighted to share more interesting facts about chocolate and its ingredients, specifically about sugars or fats. 

11 October 2019
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