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BIOFACH trade show - we are finally ORGANIC!

BIOFACH trade show - we are finally ORGANIC!

In February 2016 we were honoured to present our chocolates for the first time during organic trade show 'Biofach' in Nuremberg. It is one of the biggest and most important events for ecological industry in Europe. We were suprised by uniquness and diveristy of the products offered in organic version. 

As last year debutants (our organic line of products appeared on the market in autumn 2015) we could for the first time present our chocolates on Polish booth under the patronage of Polish Ecology. 

Our national boothGablota na stoisku podczas Biofach 2016 was dominated not only by traditional, Polish flavours. Visitors were offered scrambled eggs made of ecological eggs; organic, stewed cabbage; various kinds of cheese and ham; delicious fruit juices and distillates. Everyone could also taste surprising organic, pickled broccoli; organic wine made of nettle and incredibly innovative bread with the addition of coal (in German, national colours!). Especially organic fibers gained huge interest.  What was also easy to notice was the fashion for all products made of aronia berries. 

Our chocolates were attracting attention thanks to unique form of packaging and surprising taste. Connoisseurs appreciated raw cocoa beans and hearts of gourmands were conquered by ginger in chocolate. All visitors were delighted by the sweetness of bananas and crispiness of cashew nuts. 

Other booths offered sampling many other, organic specialties. One of the halls was dominated by vegan food. It was possible to try tofu ‘steaks’ there – very specific but also very tasty dish. Apart from the ‘vegan’ trend, ‘Biofach’ trade fairs revealed a strong tendency for a product not only to obtain organic certificate but also to fulfill the goals of healthy food philosophy, so to be ‘fit’. 

25 February 2016
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