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Chocolate goods storage

Chocolate goods storage

High temperature, humidity and rapid temperature changes don’t have good influence on any kind of chocolate goods, moreover on DOTI chocolates.

It creates the question – in what conditions should we store chocolate goods? Below, some of the crucial rules:

  • keep in constant, room temperature (maximum 24°C) and don’t expose to temperature changes (e.g. turning on the air conditioning during the day and turning off at night may take the gloss off),
  • don’t keep chocolate products in the fridge,
  • keep chocolate in dimmed and unlit places otherwise fat blooms may appear on chocolates spoiling the look and gloss of the product,
  • keep away from other products which have intense smell such as: soap, perfumes, cheese etc as the chocolates may permeate with other smells

Obeying those simple rules will ensure perfect taste and look of chocolates even while long period of storage.

During the production of our chocolates we use the best quality fruit, nuts and Barry Callebaut chocolate.  With proper care, chocolates will look tasty and exquisite for many months.

30 August 2016
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