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Wedding reception sweet buffet!

Wedding reception sweet buffet!

The wedding day should certainly be full of sweets! How to enrich the menu for wedding reception? The best idea will be sweet buffet!

The best solution is to compose it from treats for ‘one bite’: mini – muffins, unique pralines, chocolate pea or fruit and nuts in chocolate which may be a perfect complement to traditional wedding cake. Another brilliant solution is to rent a chocolate fountain in which guests can coat fresh, seasonal fruit with chocolate.

Recently, on very exceptional wedding reception our commonly known and loved almonds in white chocolate with cinnamon played a role! Moreover, they had a place in the company of other treats hand – made by the Bride herself! We are honored to be among such company! We thank Mrs. Magdalena Antosik for sending us photos, which we present below as an inspiration for future happy couples!

04 January 2017
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