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Private Label

The offer of packed products under the client’s Private Label:

  • We can adjust the way of packing to the customer’s needs using our or customer’s packages,
  • We offer wide choice of grammage: from 50g up to 2kg and interesting packing possibilities, adjusted to client’s market and needs concerning the order quantity.

The service of covering in chocolate:

  • We perform the service of covering with chocolate products not included in our conventional offer. We can coat in chocolate inter alia: dried fruit such as apricots; different nuts e.g. macadamia or pistachio and also pumpkin seeds etc.,
  • We offer original and unique flavors using various spices according to client’s or our recipe,
  • We use our raw materials or ones received from our client,


We advise our clients on choosing the best solution and we help to obtain dream taste and appearance of products.

Products under the Private Label may gain organic, gluten free or UTZ certificate.

Please direct all enquiries about Private Label to sales department:

Magdalena Karbowska - Export Manager
Export Manager
Magdalena Karbowska