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Business Gifts

The offer is addressed to advertising and marketing agency, corporations, pharmaceutics trade and service companies and also for every kind of institution which is interested in creating a special offer in the form of a gift for their clients and co-workers.

Doti chocolates as a business gift:

  • Original, refined taste and elegant packaging builds and solidifies prestige of a company dedicating the gift,
  • Handmade chocolates emphasize the engagement of a donor in choosing a gift,
  • Wide choice of flavors helps to choose assortment fitting to clients’ characteristics and budget establishment,
  • Delicious taste of nuts and fruit coated in velvet chocolate won’t allow the bestowed to forget about your company!

Personalized business gifts are always prepared in firm cooperation with our client basing on business specification and planned budget. We help to choose appropriate assortment and packaging. We are also able to pack our chocolates in the packaging designed by our client.

For a business gift we strongly recommend our chocolates in 100g, translucent bags with round label, which allow to prepare personalized offer starting with low minimal quantity order.

Please, direct all enquiries concerning customized business gifts to sales department: 

Magdalena Karbowska - Director of Sales and Marketing - Export
Director of Sales and Marketing - Export
Magdalena Karbowska