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Chocoballs with Matcha

Chocoballs with Matcha

Intriguing Matcha Chocoballs An absolute novelty - Matcha Chocolate balls for Teahouses. The green chocolate balls owe their color to the world's most healthy matcha tea, which gives the product a velvety and tea aroma. The intriguing taste comes from the crunchy pieces of cocoa, covered in dark chocolate and covered in white chocolate with matcha tea. Try it for yourself.

Net weight: 100g / 3,5 oz
Product Code: 8tmat
Dimensions : 55 x 35 x 195 mm
Sales unit: Case (8 pcs.)
Outer Case: 13 x 21 x 10 cm
Gross case weight: 0,92 kg / 32,45 oz

White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Matcha Tea, Crushed Cocoa Beans

Allergen information:
soya lecithin, milk