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RIKKE GRYBERG recommendations - what to combine our chocolates with?

RIKKE GRYBERG recommendations - what to combine our chocolates with?

DOTI chocolates are perfect for every occasion., You can eat them while travelling, strolling or just sitting at home. You can eat them alone in domesticity or share with friends at work. What if we want to serve it to our guests and we want to find the best products to accompany them?  What to add to fruit and nuts to emphasise their taste and not to destroy their aroma?  It's enought to use the tips of famous, Dannish sommelier and you'll succeed!

Rikke Gryberg was repeatedly awarded with the title of the best confectioner in Denmark inter alia for the best dessert, best chocolates with filling, cakes and other treats. When she tried our fruit in chocolate, she thought it could be a great addition to desserts prepared by her. We’re happy that we manager to convince Rikke to test our products and prepare a list of proposals – suggestions which flavours are best to combine.

From the menu suggested by Rikke I’ve chosen few fruit which seem to be perfect for summer party. Succulent, Polish fruit smeling summer and sun is a perfect choice for older and for younger guests. Below, what to serve our chocolates with:

BLACK CURRANTS: have characteristic, intensely sour taste. Together with dark chocolate they ensure tang gustatory sensations. The depth of taste can’t be deadened even by the glass of dry, red wine. Below, products recommended by Rikke to match with our black currants:

                DRINKS: kir royal, dry, red wine; Ceylon black tea with ginseng

                CHEESE: mild sheep’s milk cheese, mozarella, ricotta, oscypek


STRAWBERRIES – luckily, our strawberries come from fine and aromatic species, unlike with oftenly met on the market big and tasteless fruit. Thanks to the special candying technique our fruit conserves full aroma, structure and texture of a fruit. Strawberries in chocolate taste the best with:

       DRINKS: straberry „Daiquiri” drink (white rhum, lime, strawberry and crushed ice), white tea, pink champaigne

       CHEESE:  creamy white cheese from cow’s milk, blue cheese

CHERRIES – those coming from Hungary fruit don’t contain even a trace of acidity. They have sweet, slightly almondlike taste and their aroma truly recalls first days of summer. Candied cherries covered in chocolate with 43% of cocoa form a traditional taste in completely new edition. Tastes especially good juxtaposed with following drinks and cheeses:       

DRINKS: champaigne, kir royal, christmas tea, chai, fruit tea with the addition of rhum, caffe latte

                CHEESE: all kinds especially soft, creamy cheese e.g. goat’s cheese


RHUBARB – rhubarb in chocolate is one the most surprising positions on our products list. Candied rhubarb leaves coated in exquisite chocolate are a real rarity. After the first bite the inside structure with characteristic grains becomes visible and the pulp is sour and refreshing. The only vegetable in our offer is highly recommended with:  

      DRINKS: sweet, white wine e.g. Riesling or ice wine, green, fruit tea

      CHEESE: hard cheese emmentaler,  parmesan, cheddar

We encourage to taste given above sets although we guarantee that these aren’t the only possibilities enabling the appreciation of Doti products.

What about you? What beverages and products do you choose to combine with our fruit in chocolate? Share your ideas on our Facebook page! Help the others relish summer fruit in chocolate together with your favourite addition! 


26 June 2016
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