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Pre - Christmas time!

Pre - Christmas time!

Crowds in shopping malls, millions of purchases in online shops, thousand of ideas for presents, pre-Christmas fever… phenomenon familiar to each of us in this period. But… have you ever wondered how this busy time looks like in Doti Manufacturer company? No surprises here – we also don’t know where to put our hands and we need them for everything – literally – as all our products are handmade. Since the beginning of December the orders are bandied around like presents from Santa Claus’s sack – shipment to Poland, Germany, UK, Slovakia – pure madness. Phones are ringing ceaselessly and everyone does his best to avoid any neglect. And so in our offices, apart from everyday duties, some extraordinary actions take place such as packing gift baskets for our contractors, writing Christmas cards and welcoming guests who visit us each year to wish us all the best. On production line staff unchangeably takes care about the quality of manufactured goods coating each raw material with flavoursome, real chocolate. Brave crew from packing hall just like Santa’s elves struggle with ribbons, gift bags, cartons and many other things, making sure that the final look of our chocolates is perfect. The last phase belong to warehouse team which carefully arranges cases on pallets warranting safe shipment to our clients to pamper their palates during Christmas. Despite loads of duties, the spirit of Christmas spreads over the whole company greeting people with smiles and wishes. Family, festive atmosphere permeates our chocolates giving them even more magical taste than usual.

Share with us your experiences or thoughts before this upcoming magical time.

Merry Christmas!

21 December 2016
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